Why Sell With Us?

When you are selling a home, you need a Realtor with knowledge, experience, and an effective marketing plan. Whether it's arranging showings for potential purchasers, coordinating offers with other Real Estate Agents, or taking professional photographs for advertising purposes, your Realtor should be available to handle all the details of selling your home.


A Realtor with an honest and solid reputation attracts potential buyers and Realtors to their listings


Here's just a taste of what we offer as professional, award-winning listing agents:


  • Internet advertising with online photo tours
  • Photo tours are showcased on Patti Martin's website
  • Mall Kiosk - Displays photographs and listing information
  • Newspaper advertising
  • Direct marketing, effective marketing plan
  • Professional presentation and excellent selling skills
  • Access to potential purchasers
  • RE/MAX For Sale signs
  • Regular feedback
  • Negotiating on your behalf
  • Drafting enforceable contracts
  • Access to a database of professionals, such as home inspectors, lawyers, notaries and movers
  • Honest, expert advice

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