As our glowing summer suntans recede and we brace ourselves for the crisp autumn air it’s time to start thinking about Halloween and the earthy fall comforts it brings. For home décor enthusiasts, Halloween promises beautiful pumpkin displays on our dinner tables and brimming pots of mums in our back yards. This is the time of year to frequent farmers’ markets for corn cobs, squash, apples and other fall produce straight from our fertile fields. Steveston Highway’s Richmond Country Farms ( is a great venue for Fall harvest produce and décor, and its famous pumpkin patch starts October 7 – an annual highlight for the under-five crowd with music, a petting zoo and fields littered with orange pumpkins.

There’s something celebratory about Fall and it’s a feeling that culminates with Halloween and the excitement it brings to our streets. This year consider bringing your neighbours together on Halloween for a communal hot chocolate outdoors while the kids trick or treat nearby. One Steveston neighbourhood has continued this tradition for years, gathering the grownups in the driveway for a warming beverage as ghosts, ghouls and goblins fired by too much candy, walk by. A get-together like this doesn’t take much planning – a few flasks of hot chocolate, some disposable cups and a sign on a shared mailbox is often all that’s required. But it brings people beyond their front doors, fostering relationships and conversations that might otherwise not occur.

If you have pumpkin carving enthusiasts in your household, remember to save those pumpkin seeds as the carving takes place. Roasted with salt at 400F, those seeds make a healthy, tasty treat. When you display your pumpkins, consider illuminating them with a flashlight or tea light instead of a lit candle, to avoid fire hazards. And if you’re keeping them indoors sprinkle the insides with cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves to add a great fall scent to your interior.

The dark and the cold go hand in hand this time of year, so it’s more important than ever to keep our families safe. If you’re sending trick or treaters out onto the streets, be sure to decorate their costumes and bags with reflective tape or stickers so they are clearly visible to drivers. Glow sticks or flashlights are useful and plastic or rubber masks that obscure children’s vision should be avoided at all costs. Send kids out in groups, preferably in the company of at least one adult when they trick or treat, and stay away from darkened doorways, a sure sign that that particular household is not welcoming visitors.   

Our office sends greeting for a warm, safe, happy Halloween to you and your family.
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One of the biggest challenges, as we accumulate more things, is where, exactly, to store them. Once you’ve decluttered, reorganized and pared down you still need a place for these items. This is where you have to get creative, scheduling time to examine your home carefully for storage space that’s not being maximized.

Gear Up the Garage
If you have a garage, there’s a good chance it’s underutilized. Frequently the least-cared-for room in a house, the garage tends to be the dumping ground for a huge assortment of things, from extra groceries to car parts, seasonal sports equipment, nuts and bolts and everything in-between. The garage is a large space, though, and with good organization it can serve you well.

  • Bike bliss: bikes leaned against the wall are a recipe for disaster. Major hardware retailers have an array of better solutions for bikes, including hooks that allow you to suspend them vertically from one wheel off the ground. This way they’re secure, out of harm’s way and easily accessible when you’re ready for a ride.
  • Storage: If you can afford it, consider asking a professional to create custom-designed storage space in your garage. There are outfitters who provide head-to-toe storage solutions that will make you so proud of your garage’s efficiency you won’t want to close the door! If you can’t justify the financial outlay there are less expensive options. Chances are you have shelving or retired cabinets you can repurpose on your garage walls. If you don’t, consider a visit to the ReStore in Vancouver, where other people’s retired shelving is readily available for prices so cheap you won’t believe it.

Examine Your Attic
One of the most creative storage solutions I ever saw was that of a Steveston couple who built their own attic. They cut an opening in their bedroom ceiling and installed a pull-down staircase (available at major hardware retailers). Then they added makeshift flooring and lighting up there. The end result was a large square footage readily available for items like luggage, clothes not required until the next season, the sewing machine they weren’t ready to part with, crafting supplies and other things that had previously been cluttering their small house. If you have a DIY guy in the house, this is the perfect challenge. If not, consider hiring someone to build your attic.


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Summertime is all about celebrating, and in Richmond, we have so much to celebrate. There’s the joy of nurturing close friendships and family ties, the kind of weather that makes us long for swimsuits and a day at the beach, and a local harvest of mouthwatering ingredients all raised, caught or processed in our very own backyards.

This is the time to pay weekly visits to the Farmers’ Market, head off the beaten track to the U-Pick farms for an hour of sublime berry picking and trek down to Steveston Wharf for seafood fresh off the dock. Pick your favourite proteins in Steveston, where Heringers and D Sausage Haus offer a selection of tantalizing options. Consider a pint of ice cream or gelato for dessert. Now add a quiet, shady backyard and a bottle of wine from the Okanagan and you have the perfect combination for an idyllic, made-in-Richmond meal experience.

If you’re not in the mood to stand over a barbecue, consider a patio meal at one of Richmond’s best spots. The Delta Hotel’s Pier 73 has a massive patio overlooking the Fraser River, a locally-focused menu and a selection of comfy outdoor furniture suitable for lounging languidly all afternoon over a beer, or gathering with friends for a classy dinner. If you’re a seaplane enthusiast, the Flying Beaver promises great entertainment. It boasts a view of seaplanes taking off and landing all day long, and its menu accommodates brunch, lunch and dinner in a casual environment - with large servings of Canadian comfort food.

Take a kid and a kite to Garry Park on a breezy day, or head to Terra Nova’s Adventure Park to try out the zip lines. Bike along the river if you’re looking for a good workout, or revisit the historic sites at Imperial Landing, - just one of Richmond’s charming, free-of-charge experiences.
However, you plan to celebrate, be sure to taste our city’s bounty and rejoice in its sunshine this summer. A few short months from now we’ll be longing for the long, lazy days of summer, the warm evening nights and the luxury of outdoor meals in our lush backyards!

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